The Process of Deciding to Go Last Minute

Jan 13, 2019     My Adventures, My Personal Journey
An out of the blue text, and a week later I'm on a flight to Bali for 2 months! A lot of emotion went on in between that.
I just happen to see a text from a non-friend in Facebook right before we went out for my boyfriend's birthday. "Are you interested in house sitting in Bali from now until February?"

BF says "Yeah, go!" Wow, this is a really unique opportunity. Well of course I need to talk to her first. What does "now" mean exactly? I have a feeling the timing just won't work since I'm supposed to start a new work project on Friday. I have a client meeting. I could not leave until after that meeting at the latest.

After speaking to her, she's really nice and seems easy going. So it turns out the timing would be fine! Boy, now what do I do? I'm freaking out. Can't think of a reason NOT go to. There's no compelling reason not to go. Oh, and now it turns out it's a bit more than 2-3 weeks. She wants someone for the next month and a half!

Flight booked less than 48 hours later. The stars started aligning. $485 round trip LAX -> DPS! I booked the return far enough out to have at least a week to go somewhere else before I come home. I'll head over to Komodo or Siberut! :)

So much to do for a different type of trip. Medical insurance because I'll hopefully be driving a motorbike. International drivers permit.

Work ... pray that the WiFi works when I get there.

Very unlike me, I hired a driver to take me from the airport to the north where her house is since it's the middle of the night ($46).

Packing. I packed a few more clothes but fewer toiletries and things to self-sustain but my luggage is SO heavy. Computer is heavy too of course. What does one pack to live like an expat? More "normal" clothes? That would be hard though because it will be hot and humid. I need my performance clothing.

Am I doing the right thing? I'll be gone for 2 months! It just doesn't seem right. Dave and I talked it to death and still can't think of a reason not to go. If I had someone (Dave) to go with me, there would be no decision to make.

2 days scrambling to get it all done, get packed, get things printed, etc. I'm so stressed but trying to remain calm. I pulled an angel card (sort of like a Tarot card) regarding this adventure. "Focus on love and it will all be great." OMG what am I doing?

So much talk of the government shutdown and how it will effect TSA. On Monday they say the workers who are not being paid are allowed to now show up to work. I wonder what will happen to the security lines at LAX.

It's past the point of no return now after booking the flight. I just felt a pang of excitement. Wow, this will be pretty cool! Just keep going through the motions. I have almost everything done now. I just need to find medical insurance. I can actually enjoy this weekend with my folks before heading to LA Monday night.


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