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Dec 19, 2019   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

There's nothing like chasing away the solo-traveler blues with a couple of new friends. After I moved to apartment #2 up in the front of the compound, two women checked into #1 right above me. I went outside of my comfort zone and just before sunset went up and invited them to go watch it with me over at Eco Paz. They were super nice but declined because they had traveled all day and were exhausted. So off I went to watch the sunset.

I didn't realize Eco Paz was closed so my plan to go home via the road instead of the jungle path was out because the gate was locked up. Hmmm, and I didn't bring my flashlight. This ought to be interesting. So I enjoyed the big tree swing and watched the sunset and immediately headed back before it was too dark. I'm glad I know these paths pretty well by now!
Eco Paz decked out for the holidays but all locked up so I can't get out the front gate to take the road home.
Eco Paz decked out for the holidays but all locked up so I can't get out the front gate to take the road home.
I'll have to take the jungle paths instead.
I'll have to take the jungle paths instead.
Then yesterday, Robert (the guy who comes over to use the internet) came by to talk to Larry and I invited myself along with him to go into town to run errands. I enjoyed the company and I really needed to get OUT. It was a great walk. We walked all over town in fact. I got my bus ticket, we had lunch, got some glass cut, looked for sloths, went to the market, got some markers to autograph CDs (ha ha yes), and I don't remember what else but it was a nice day.

Then when we got back to Casa Balbi, the women from Alaska in room #1 were in the "kitchen room" making drinks. They offered me a white russian and it went from there! They turned out to be so awesome and we had so much fun! It ended up being a late night out at Bar Amigo with quite a few chiliguaro shots and a lot of dancing, despite the terrible karaoke. Apparently we woke Larry up when we came home late at night and he had to get on a 5:30am bus to go down to the city - oopsie!!

This morning I moved to yet another new room - #3 this time. It's wonderful. But I think I'll be spending most of the day in bed recovering from last night.


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