Farewell Party Bubble for My Neighbors
Jun 1, 2020   Costa Rica
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My neighbors two doors down are busy packing up the rest of their things for the season. They normally would have kept to a more typical Zancudo schedule and left to go home to Colorado months ago, but the virus of course has kept them here. They are flying out on one of the United Airlines repatriation (rescue) flights. They've had enough and are tired of it all. Maxed out on living in the jungle for the moment.

So now I won't have neighbors on either side for a few houses in both directions. To the left, the first occupied house is about 5 lots down, and to the right, only the 3rd, 4th, and 5th houses are occupied. There's one house across the road on the river/jungle side and I'm sure I've met the woman at least once somewhere, but I don't know them to socialize with them.

Not that we should be socializing anyway, but the Zancudo bubble has so far proven to be a nice safe little haven from the virus. The numbers in Costa Rica are picking up all of a sudden though now that they are relaxing the restrictions so we'll see what happens.

Most of the gringos that own houses here only come for the dry season (I wonder what the Costa Rica term is for dry season - probably "sunshine season" or something lovely like that) like December - April. Let me tell you, it's hot AF. Like too hot. But I guess it corresponds with a lot of people wanting to get out of the snow where they live in the states or Canada.

Some of those people got stuck here since the government closed the borders March 19 to control the virus. There have now been many repatriation flights, I think all or most of which have sold out, but they are somewhat pricey like $800 one way just to Houston, then you're on your own. So a lot of people (like myself) have stayed, waiting for the border restrictions to lift, and others have made the decision to simply stay through the green season because they also fear that if they leave, they night to be able to get back into Costa Rica in the fall, and that's a deal-breaker for them. So they are making arrangements to have their houses taken care of at home (their other home) and are able to relax now that the decision has been made.

So even though we definitely did go through a quarantine / isolation phase (I spent over a month with very little contact with anyone), there is also a different set of circumstances effecting people here. At this point, I'm not even sure I want the borders to open. I am quite settled and happy in my little home here which I'll lose as soon as the gal who has it reserved for the summer can get out of the US.

There are definitely some groups here that keep their own tight bubble, so when another neighbor had a small going away party for the couple that's packing up to leave, I not only felt comfortable (virus-wise), but I was so happy they invited me! How nice it feels to be included, especially when I have not had much social contact lately. We all hung out on the patio, drank a bit, I got to know some new people, and got a sloth band-aid party favor. LOL Where else but in Costa Rica?

The party wrapped up early so the evening ended with my own solo wine / dance party at home on my balcony. Shit, I got outed by my neighbors the next day asking if I had a party because they saw the dancing!! ha ha ha. I love it here. :)


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