Dave and I Are Finally in SE Asia Together!
Jul 29, 2017   Indonesia
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The kids were stoked to rent a bike for a while to check out the area. Dave, not so much. LOL
The kids were stoked to rent a bike for a while to check out the area. Dave, not so much. LOL
Not only are Dave and I finally here together, we brought the kids (by kids, I mean Dave's daughter and her boyfriend who are in their late 20s). Family trip to Indonesia and Malaysia! We are so excited to take them traveling. It's one of those things where you're so excited to open their eyes to that part of the world because you remember how it effected you when you first experienced it.

Here's our itinerary. Our travel from LAX all went smoothly. A quick sleep over in Jakarta, then on to Bali and up to Ubud.

Ubud is SO crazy busy and full of tourists. Nothing like ti was 17 years ago, but what is? The Monkey Forest was still awesome and beautiful though.
I thought everyone loved it, then it turned out it wasn't their "thing." Oh well, the rest of us dug it. ;) It's hard to please everyone traveling but we're doing pretty good. What he has expressed is just what we had hoped by bringing them here. Nice people, happy simple life, etc. And mainly that "this is something (he) can do," and D's daughter said its' her dream life. Yes! If nothing else, then mission accomplished. I sure would love to take them traveling "Leslie style" at some point and give them a taste of budget travel. Then they'd really see what they could do!

Dave and I went on the Went on the Campuhan Ridge walk while the kiddos rented a motorbike.


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