Everything Always Works Out
Dec 13, 2019   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

It's been an interesting few days. I have (surprise surprise) been feeling an array of emotions now that I'm starting to plan what day I'll leave here. But as usual, things always work out. The universe has a way of making everything wonderful as long as you're open to it.

There was a day earlier this week where I was feeling lonely. I don't like that feeling and was trying to figure out how to get myself out of it. I slumped around, then walked down the hill to the store to use the very last of my colones to buy some wine. Yay me.

Walking by Eco Paz (the cool kids eco park next door to where I'm staying), there were a bunch of people playing tennis (actually mountain tennis or is it jungle tennis?). I stopped by on my way back from the store, just in time for a gorgeous sunset view from the tennis court. One of the other guests where I'm staying showed up over there w/ a rum drink in hand. My kinda gal! LOL

We ended up having a personal tour of Eco Paz, it's gardens, future development, history, etc. (in the complete dark LOL) by Sergio who runs the place. Then over the next 2 days (somehow managing through our hangovers) this girl and I hung out doing tourist stuff which was great because I probably wasn't going to do any of that stuff otherwise. I had a really good time having someone to pal around with.

See Being a Tourist for a Couple of Days in Monteverde for all the cool stuff we did!

I was feeling a bit nostalgic the day I started to make plans to leave next week. But then I went out and hung out with some local friends and they made it all okay. I have a problem sometimes getting too attached - to anything - to a friend, to a habit, to an idea, to a place, even to things. But now I know I'll just look back at this time and know it was a great part of my healing process and I did make some genuine friends that I'll keep in touch with. I even got a napkin sketch to hang on to! :)

Sometime next week I'll head to the city and visit at least one, if not two of the new people I've met here on this trip. Then back home to more amazing people and adventures ahead!

I know I post a lot about my ups and downs. It's mainly because I don't want it to seem like travel is always perfect fluff. Some of us have a hard time with being alone, and sometimes travel helps you deal with other issues in your life. It's not just one big vacation, but it sure is great.


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