Unplugging (Sort of) for a Week
Jul 13, 2020   
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

Now that we're under Orange Alert, with all non-essential businesses closed and all non-essential traveling outside the house off limits, I thought this would be the perfect time to try to unplug for a week. My phone really. Obviously I'm still on my computer since I'm writing this! And I definitely plan on continuing to binge watch Jane the Virgin, my new obsession.

I'm happy beyond words with the friends I've made here so it's not that I need time away from them. It's just that I find I am keeping my phone near me all the time, looking at it every time it makes a noise. You'd think I'd know by now the difference between an email, FB Message, WhatsApp, GoogleVoice, FB Post, PoshMark, etc. notifications by now! It's just amazing what a portal into life my phone has become and that's what I want a break from.

I need to enjoy nature more. I need to work on healing from last year more. I need to write for my website more. Maybe I'll even throw a few responsible things in there, too, like getting my taxes re-filed. Ugh.

So anyway, the morning started off incredible with an orange sunrise and the realization that I think I actually slept through the night! OMG that's the first time in, um, months at least. The howler monkeys are howling, one of those funny ducks was just atop a dead palm tree trunk in the neighbor's yard, I went out to see the beach, wiped all the water droplets off the main screens (let's see how long I keep that up, but I would love to have clean screens for a while!), am drinking my now-daily lemon water, and I even got laundry started already. Not bad for 6:30am.

So here I go, another different sort of a week coming up. And why not utilize this pandemic time to do different things? I have no problem staying at home and not having visitors. I think. Not being in touch with anyone, well that will be a challenge. Even in India when I did that 10-day silent retreat, I was around other people all the time. Well no use speculating on what might occur, here we go!


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