Trying to Work Abroad
Feb 12, 2020   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

My first jaunt of trading work for lodging while I travel is sure off to an interesting start! I arrived in Costa Rica to build a real estate website for my new friend here in exchange for lodging in one of her beach cabinas. 4 days in and I haven't even been out to the beach yet. I am struggling with the slow WiFi and am worried about how smoothly this is going to go.

It turned out that when I finally arrived in Zancudo after about a week in the north with an unsure schedule, the 2 rental cabins were full. So I only just got into my own place yesterday after staying in Sue's place for a few nights. It's nice to settle in.

The other night after dinner at their restaurant, I ended up working clearing tables, helping shut down the bar, stocking the cooler, etc. They didn't ask me to. I was just hanging out, so decided to pitch in and they never asked me to pay my tab which was not too much (3 beers, 1/2 plate nachos), so I was happy with that.

I worked 8 hours the next day (computer, not restaurant) on horrible WiFi. But it turns out I didn't really need the WiFi because instead of working on the website, I ended making a printable menu and flyers for Sue's Valentine's Day dinner at their restaurant and helping her find all sorts of stuff or order on Amazon to have someone bring down from the states.

Now somehow I have agreed to WORK their Valentine's dinner, like at the restaurant! I need to learn to say no. LOL But in my normal manner, I was really getting into it making the menu and trying to help; getting invested like I do. I do (sort of) miss working in a restaurant and it's nice to feel helpful for my new friends, but we need to get focused and get this website started (and done!).


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