Trying Out Whatever Comes My Way
Dec 30, 2019   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

When I was in Costa Rica, a few unexpected opportunities presented themselves in the form of trade-work-for-lodging. Specifically to build a website in trade for a month of lodging, then one of them changed into possibly doing property management for a short time while the owners left the country for the off season.

Everyone has always told me "you can build websites for people as you travel in exchange for room & board", but I never really thought I wanted to. Particularly because of what I typically get paid vs. what the cost of a lodging exchange would give me. It's not even close to an even trade! I figure it's about a 5 to 1 ratio a best; if it's a nicer accommodation and I were working at my "big job" discounted rate.

But now that the option is in front of me, it seems silly not to give it a shot. I mean you never know where life is trying to lead you. And you know I love geeking out and I can't stand it when people don't have a proper site. Hee hee. As long as I'm working with someone I like and it's something I'm passionate about, why not settle in, do some work, and get to know an area better than just passing through.

I'm thinking that I shouldn't focus on what I THOUGHT I was going to do. What's the point in that? I always say that it's best to leave an open itinerary so that you can morph your plans as recommendations come your way, or if you just feel like staying longer or leaving early. This is just on a bit bigger scale. I didn't even think I'd really like Costa Rica and here I am going back already ... and am very excited about it! Who knows what path lies ahead, what chance meetings lead to opportunities or even what new friends I'll make.

My original plan for traveling this year was to travel, moving around a lot, and not work. Basically do what I normally do when I travel for a month, but extend it much longer. But it already seems to be morphing into something different. First of all, staying longer term in one spot is something I think I like and might continue to do! But I'll also want to move around and see more of a country so we'll see how that balances out.

The first talk of doing some work in Costa Rica was about building a website for one of my new friends in Zancudo, who doesn't even have one at the moment but really needs one. The other was possibly to build a new website for the place where I was staying in Monteverde (man, they really need an update - you know how much that bugs me! LOL), then it became the possibility of doing their property management for a short time while they owners went to Peru for the off season, then that one feel through altogether. But the website in Zancudo is on. I am heading back to Costa Rica in February! Woo hoo!

I'll go visit some of the friends I made while I was there, then will buckle down and get a real estate website built. Then I'll spend a few weeks more checking out other parts of the country. I'm super excited about this new way of traveling. It's surprisingly unexpected.


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