Travel Plan Challenge & Raffle Tix
Nov 20, 2019   Costa Rica
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OMG What a pain in the ass it is to get out of this place! I'll get into more of the details later but I have spent so much time trying to figure out how to piece together buses and such to get to Monteverde in a reasonable amount of time and without spending $100. Not possible.

My tentative plan is to take the 5:45 am bus out of here, then a colectivo from either Comte or Laurel to Paso Canoas where I HOPE to get the 8:30 bus going to San Jose. I'll get off at the La Vaquita restaurant near Ovotina to get a bus to Puntarenas. I will spend the night there (found a place for $25 - not great, not awful) but at least it's better than the $57 shuttle from Quepos! That was a bit of a tough one. I could get off in Quepos, get the shuttle and be there by 6pm or so but nope, I have to be a true budget travler. Already this cheaper route is going to hit the budget pretty good.

Ha ha - I'll actually have paid at 3 different places to sleep Thursday night! I have this place until Friday, my Monteverde place started Tuesday, and now I'll have to rent a room in Puntarenas. Ugh.

See Getting to Monteverde from Southern Costa Rica for how I actually got out of there.

With my tentative plan in place, I did the graphics for the raffle tickets for Sue and Carlos. Yeah, I couldn't help myself. Carlos knew what he wanted and was going to hire someone at a print shop to make them but I couldn't imagine they would have been able to really do what he wanted, especially needing them all numbered from 1-500. So I made a little php page with some free clipart (don't judge) and hung out with Sue while we printed them out.

We had dinner & shared a bottle of wine. Nice way to end my trip. I'm so bummed that I'm leaving now when I just found my new friend. But I have a feeling we'll stay in touch.


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