Shopping, Agouti, and Boas - Eeks
Dec 7, 2019   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

So cute this little agouti!
So cute this little agouti!
There hasn't been much new the last few days which is good. The town had it's annual Parade of Lights and there were activities throughout the town all day for kids and families. It's one of those days, quite frankly, when you want to avoid town. Anyone who has ever lived in a tourist destination can understand. Steer clear of the shit show. LOL

Feeling a little too backpackery (my new friend Vanessa always has on makeup and real clothes when we go out, her hair looks nice and she even smells good!), I caught a lift into town and tried to do a little shopping. Again grateful for the tour and suggestions from my host, I was able to find a $40 dress on sale for $5 - woohoo! Of course it's way too cold to wear it without the wrap that I usually have. I might not even be able to wear it unless I can do so when I go visit Vanessa in the city. I tried to find a few other things (hair dye?) but was largely unsuccessful. I either couldn't find it or it was so so expensive.

See Conflict with My Backpacker Style (or Lack Thereof).

I did manage to walk around to a few places and found one of the main things I was looking for; a nice warm top at a second-hand clothing store. The woman there was so nice, we joked around a bit, and she gave me a discount on the top. :) Now thank god I have something to wear around the casita to keep a little warmer. I'm fucking freezing here! I did not pack properly.

A nice woman at the coffee hut let me use their WiFi to find my ride home. I'm sure the walk would have done me good but it's quite a ways from the SuperMega to home and up some super steep hills. I have lost a decent amount of weight (I think) since I've been here. I just love the whole automatic travel weight loss thang.

On the drive home we saw a cute agouti and I was told that the other day there were some cars stopped in the road for a giant boa. Like giant! Like eat a baby giant. OMG. I actually would not mind seeing one. Just not too close.

Even though it feels sort of strange not checking out all the amazing things to do around here, I'm thoroughly enjoying being chill. I am occasionally hanging out with some of the folks who live here but am otherwise just laying low. It's what I need.


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