Proof That I Need All This Crap
Nov 28, 2019   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

Every trip I end up with my packing cube full of stuff that sits there barely touched. I'ts like the stuff drawer in the kitchen at home but it's in my backpack and it weights a lot. Some things are just for travel days like my compression socks and inflatable pillow so those don't necessarily see a lot of action. My laundry line and sink stopper get used pretty regularly, flashlight depends on the country, cable lock barely gets used. First aid kit, some techy stuff. Yet I can't seem to leave any of it at home. What if I need these things?!

Well today I feel quite satisfied. I used my superglue AND my sewing kit (broken phone case & torn undies from a clothespin).

And unfortunately I'm really loving having my Alexa tap with me right now! Talk about heavy, and a sure trip to secondary inspection at the airport. ;)

I'm a bit bored. Don't feel like working. It's been pouring rain all day. I did my laundry in yet another new kind of washing machine. I'm so glad Vanessa showed me how to do it! There's really no way I would have figured it out on my own. It's a miracle it dried on the line in between very few minutes of semi-sun.

I tried walking in the rain last night into town. Seemed like it took forever. Faced with one last(?) steep hill, I questioned my motives for even going into town in the first place. I didn't bring money so it was just to get out. Turn back.

Sulk a little over the past year, more wine.

I finally have warm/hot/cold/semi-cold water shower! I feel so clean. I even shaved my legs!! After days of trying to fix the darn hot water heater, we ended up with Plan D - put in a widow-maker. Boom.


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