Pakse and a Ride Down the Mekong
Nov 8, 2008   Laos
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Crossing through Laos into Vietnam, we were able to eke out a great few days!
Old posts from my very first travel website!

A successfull crossing into Laos. One of the better border crossings we've been through. Or worse as the case may be. We wandered around down the dirt path trying to follow the lack of signs, passed some cows, then finally found the entry point. Meanwhile the rest of our bus waited on the only westerners to get their visas.

We were so exhausted from being on the go for days on end that we just grabbed the first hotel near the bus station, had a cold shower, and went to sleep. The next day we moved into the city (town) center by the river. Cute little place with some restaurants where they speak English and Leslie can get come vegetarian food. We got some fabulous Indian food of all things and for only $.90 per dish!

We took a 2 hour longtail boat down the Mekong. Lots of little shacks, crops on the riverbank, and kids playing in the water. Stopped in Champasak and rented bicycles to ride 8K to the Wat Pho ruins. We didn't have too much time there since our boat was scheduled to return to Pakse at 2pm. It was beautiful though. Honestly the bike ride was just as good as the ruins. The little towns and local life were wonderful. We even gave away a bunch of kids clothing (we brought 2 bags of clothes to give away from the states) to a bunch of kids that seemed super grateful. :) We got back to the boat hot and exhausted.

Pakse also offered great deals on massages. Leslie had the best massage of her life for about $3. 45 minutes on the feet, then 15 minutes on hands, arms, head, shoulders. Ahhhhh. It only takes us a couple of days to get antsy and want to move on, so it's off to Paksong.

Had a great time in Paksong - toured a coffee farm and roasted our own beans.


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