Now the Coast Guard is Involved
Mar 30, 2020   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

Way too much to even cover right now so I'll just start with today. I barely even know what day of the week it is. But someone reminded me that tomorrow will be a week that I'm here at my new cabina at Los Cocos. Wow, already? So that's about 2 weeks that I've been somewhat serious about this whole quarantine thing. Shelter in place.

Today: the last flight left Costa Rica for the states on Delta. I'm not on it.
Today: K and I launched a Zancudo community Facebook Group and it's been so busy! Really wonderful.
Today: We found out that yesterday the Coast Guard started patrolling the beaches and making people go home. I mean really there might be only one person out there at any given time. A woman in the group walked to the police station to ask them the exact rules. They told her that we are allowed to walk alone for 1/2 an hour (maybe even up to an hour tops) but no swimming. Apparently the virus can't live on the heat of the beach but can live in the water?

Much to my surprise, I'm SO busy right now. Since we started the FB Group, I am (at least temporarily) Admin/Moderator along with K, I'm also frantically working on a new virus-related website, and I'm attempting to get at least something written for my own site here! This is not what I envisioned for full-time traveling.

There are been jokes going around (OMG you should see my collection of COVID-19 Facebook memes! ha ha ha - I actually like Facebook again) about putting a glass of wine in every room and calling it a wine tour, or giving airport codes to all the areas where you hang out (BDR bedroom, FPO front porch, NFX Netflix).

Today I found myself actually thinking okay, I've worked in the hammock long enough, what "work area" should I go to now? The blue chair? The day bed? As if it were an entirely different location. I wonder if I'll FEEL normal but will actually be slightly losing it as the days go by. Will i know when I've gone completely nuts?
I have my daybed office, my hammock office, my table office, my blue chair office, and the bed office. Options!
I have my daybed office, my hammock office, my table office, my blue chair office, and the bed office. Options!
And I wonder how long this will last?! It's so so crazy. All borders closed, all businesses closed, schools, churches. everything. People are mandated to stay at home and in San Diego it's in your house. The beach boardwalks are all off limits too.

Although I could sure stand that time being stuck in that house to get everything packed up and in order ready to leave, I'm glad I'm not there right now.


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