Nose to the Grindstone
Nov 25, 2019   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

This is not a bad place to work!
This is not a bad place to work!
I'm finally spending a ton of hours trying to get caught up on at least some parts of this sadly unfinished website of mine! Since my nice welcome tour of the town by my host, I have yet to leave the room really.

I know I need to get out and explore; it's good for the soul. But I also NEED to get this stuff done and it feels good to make some headway. Maybe today I'll at least explore the forest trails behind my casita.

But I just wanted to drop a note that you might not hear from me for a while. I'm focusing on some informational posts and fixing parts of the actual site that need some work.

Wow! This wind is something else here! It's so strong and gusty certain times of the day. It hasn't rained as much as it did in Zancudo but it has rained almost every day at least a little.

My host continues to be very nice and accommodating. My brand new hot water shower is "not ice cold" at best so he said he'll have someone come look at it. Apparently a friend of his asked him why on earth he accepted my reservation when he could make more money renting it shorter term. His answer to the guy was that it's good to do nice things once in a while and put good energy out there. He also said that I could help work out some of the kinks with his new renovations (like the hot water tank). But I won't lie, it made me feel a little bad. Like I'm not paying enough and causing him to lose money. But the reality is that I didn't talk him into a lower rate or anything. What I'm paying is the posted month discount on the online booking sites.

So both of the places I have stayed (Zancudo and Monteverde) I've been told that they are highly spiritual places. Did I just pick well or is all of Costa Rica special? :)


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