New Friends Feel Like Old Friends
Nov 19, 2019   Costa Rica
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You just wait out on the long dirt road outside the house to get the once-a-day 5:45am bus to the neighboring towns.
You just wait out on the long dirt road outside the house to get the once-a-day 5:45am bus to the neighboring towns.
Just getting settled into Zancudo and it's almost time to leave. I made some new friends, mainly my neighbor Sue who we met while Dave and I we were gawking at the sloth in her yard, and had a great time having wine and dinner with her, going to the border for the day, and having a lot of girl talk. I learned a lot about the town from her! Everything from that it used to be a devil worshiper’s haven to the heavy drug trade with the locals there to the fact that every house in Zancudo is built illegally because it’s all maritime law.

She even invited me for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Of course baking came up and then pumpkin cheesecake came up. The hunt was on for a springform pan in Zancudo! I texted Dave for the recipe and was prepared to blow my budget on ingredients and have faith that someone would also have a mixer I could borrow. Well it turns out that Thanksgiving was not until a week later (next week!). Ha ha ha. Sue rescheduled with everyone and the cheesecake was off.

But she still decided to go to the border town to do some shopping even though she was no longer in immediate need of a turkey. I decided to go since it seems to be a staple part of life her in Zancudo so I may as well see it. Plus it would give me a chance to see how the local transport system works in case I go out that way when I leave. 4 of us went and I really enjoyed how easy it was to hang out with these people who I just met.

Sue is in dire need of a website and she would be a perfect person to trade lodging for web work! If only I wasn’t on a schedule. But at least I have proof that I can find work along the way once I’m traveling full time and I have a flexible schedule to stay in one spot if I want to.


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