Met a Man with Coconuts
Oct 29, 2019   Costa Rica
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Lynn came backup up from her daily treasure hunt on the beach and said there was a man lingering around down there and was wondering what he was doing there. His truck seems to be parked in the neighbor's yard but their house is all boarded up for the season. We were told that if we saw anyone hanging out that didn't look like they belonged there, to tell the properly manager right away.
Well maybe we were being over cautious, but we figured we should go check him out. We were about to walk to the store and then maybe have a beer at Sol y Mar (the only restaurant open during the off season) and didn't want to leave the house alone.

We wandered down to the beach and pretended to be interested in something, I don't know what. We just looked around at all the driftwood and made our way over near him. He was just hanging out, not really doing anything but he had a wheel barrow. I asked him what he was looking for (as if i was genuinely interested - and it turned out I was!). He said coconuts. Ah ha.

We ended up talking to him for a good while. Turns out he's David's brother and he spends his days collecting coconuts that have fallen and washed ashore. He sends about 6,000 coconuts per month to a processing plant in San Jose!

Lynn took quite a fancy to him and flirted with him like crazy! And I had to be the one to translate everything because neither of them spoke more than 5 words in a common language!! It was pretty funny actually.

He opened a coconut for us (with the universal tool; a machete) to eat and offered to open a pipa (young green coconut) for us to drink but we didn't want him to have to do any more work. He ended up driving us to the store.
The store here is just a mini-mart but it has surprisingly so much stuff! Many western food items (a sign of lots o' expats!) and US prices (or higher). Susan was like "well, it's a Costa Rican beach community" but I'm still not used to that in other Central American countries. But I got some good stuff like a liter of liquid yogurt, some local cheese and eggs. Along with Emilio and the stuff I got in Golfito, I think I'm pretty well set for a while!


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