Loving My Sue Time!
Feb 11, 2020   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

You truly never know who you will meet out there in the world. It was so fateful that I met my new friend by tracking a sloth we knew was in the area and ended up finding it just up the beach in her yard. She came out of her house to see why these strangers were on her property (technically public land near the beach, but still) and a friendship was formed.

It was actually when Dave was here visiting and he's the one who suggested she and I meet up to share some wine at some point. I was still in a pretty big funk at that point due to the crap that happened in 2019. So one thing led to another and here I am back in Costa Rica and staying at Sue's place in one of her rental cabins for a month while I build her a website for her real estate business.

Check out the finished site here! Latitude 8 Realty, Playa Zancudo, Costa Rica

When I first arrived at her place, her 2 rental cabinas were full so she said I could just stay in her house with her. We were immediately so comfortable with each other and it was so fun. I was sharing a full sized bed w/ a 73 year old woman that I didn't really even know and it felt like we were teenagers having a slumber party! We stayed up late, had wine, talked about guys. What a wonderful woman, so friendly, and enjoying life here in Costa Rica.

The first week I was here, she entertained clients and we had such a fun time all having dinner together in her outdoor kitchen, listening to music, more drinking, and dancing. One night, Sue's partner came over with his sister, brother-in-law, and worker to join the fun and what a good time we all had! That same night (?) there was a snake in Sue's livingroom and we ran out like screaming little girls and got the drunk Canadian man to get it out for us (by grabbing it by the tail and flinging it out the door!).

What prompted me to write this entry today, was at 6:30pm after being gone all day, my 73 year old hostess came home on the back of motorbike. Love her! She's one tough broad. She's been through a lot, led an interesting life, and doesn't let anything stop her.


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