It's A New Season
Dec 17, 2019   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

This tree had so many beautiful plants growing off of it.
This tree had so many beautiful plants growing off of it.
Wow, there's something about it here now that's making me feel so good. It's like the tide has turned. I know I'm a bit manic and I'm still having some pretty lonely moments, but in general I've felt great the last few days.

The season has literally changed. The rain and gusty winds have, for the most part, subsided and there's sunshine and blue sky. There was even a full double rainbow the other day when a fleeting sprinkle came through the property.
Double double!
Double double!
I have seen a couple more Motmots, a Montezuma Oropendola, and a Guan Jungle Turkey. More butterflies have emerged and a blue morpho even flitted right around my head the other day when I was walking on the jungle paths.

I'm feeling thinner, I even started "working out" today. By working out I mean that I filled a water bottle to be equal weight as my Alexa Tap and did a bunch of arm exercises. Time to get this old gal in shape! It's not much but at least it's a start.

I'm almost out of food which is good, but now I am a bit limited with what I have to eat. I ate cereal with water instead of milk today. You know, it's not all that different!
Motmot behind my casita. :)
Motmot behind my casita. :)

I had to pause what I was writing because things changed yet again. It really is a new and fresh season! Just like any time traveling, you make do. Most of the time, the things people might find important at home, are really not all that important.

I continue to use the shower across the courtyard in one of the extra sort-of staff rooms since my hot water doesn't really work. But now today the owner's son arrived and he's staying in there. Where am I to shower??? They loaded all his stuff into that room, then I was allowed to go shower before he unpacked and settled in. I just figured I'd take it day by day and shower wherever there was a place for me.

OMG, and because of the shower issues, my hosts so graciously offered me to stay 2 nights in their nicest studio before I leave; the new one they had designed by someone in town and built from scratch. They blocked it off for me and I changed my flight. I was originally supposed to fly, um, today.

Yesterday I had a sudden onslaught of what we determined to be wasp larvae falling from the ceiling of my casita and covering the floor! Yikes, We cleaned them all up and I continued to find a few more here and there that I just swept up with the hand broom. Then this morning, it became apparent that there must be a wasp infestation in the ceiling. I showed the owner the new batch of larvae and he immediately said "you need to move, you can't stay here." He went up to the house and blocked off the next 2 days in one of their other (of 4 total) apartment/studios. Wow, so nice. I mean yeah I really couldn't stay there but still. I'm also in a much more budget room than either of these.

So now I'm all moved into my new place, the one where my friend Michelle stayed last week. It's really nice and bright and more updated than mine down below. I'm also up closer to the parking lot and house, and apparently all the action. A couple of women just moved in upstairs above me and I already spotted a loose cow, so they had to deal with that. I tell ya' the fun never ends around here!
My new digs for a couple of nights.
My new digs for a couple of nights.


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