"I'm Sailing! I'm Sailing!!" ~ What About Bob
May 25, 2020   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

On a brighter note, I went swimming today! Like actual swimming, not just splashing around in the water. A friend of mine told me she was going with her swimming group this morning - they actually swim, like proper stroke, they count how many meters they go, etc. - and I decided I'd go along. If nothing else, I could just be out there doing my little breast stroke / doggie paddle and get some exercise while they swam ahead.

I got picked up on a quad-runner at 6:50 and we parked at Yv's house, the "leader" of the swim group and also an over-80 world class swimmer who is not here this time of year. The other 3 people had just arrived. Hmm, looks a bit wavy. There will be a bit of water phobia for me to conquer today. Wow, there are some actual waves out here today! And this part of the beach is usually calmer. Deep breath, out I go.

Okay, past the break it's a bit deep but fine. Just some very big swells. In fact, the group said is's the roughest the water has been all season! Great! ha ha. As it turns out, there is currently a "Green Alert" in place for the Pacific Coast for some sort of tropical wave / storm warning. It ran through my head that there are sharks and even hammerheads out here in the Gulfo Dulce, maybe some sea turtles and dolphins too.

Drug runners, too, ha ha. The US Coast Guard has had a ship out here the last couple of days but it's gone now. Apparently they were helping to fight drug trafficking. There were some heavy hitters in Zancudo last week (in the drug trade) but of course we don't know exactly why.

What's funny is that when my friend and I were walking on the beach the other morning, we knew we were out past the 8am beach closing time, but decided to go for a swim before we turned around and walked home. As soon as we got out there, we saw this Coast Guard boat and figured they were coming right for us! LOL. We cruised right on out of the water and started home, just to realize they weren't coming for us after all. But it wasn't unfounded. They do cruise the beach and make people go home. My friend even got stopped by them while she was in the water recently.
U.S. Coast Guard ship in the Gulfo Dulce.
U.S. Coast Guard ship in the Gulfo Dulce.
So anyway, it turned out great. They swim 100 meters first, then take a break. I figured I'd just frog-swim my way in that direction and meet them on their way back while they did their Olympic-style real swimming. Well low and behold, I could keep up with them! No points for style, but I made it 100 meters, then 200, then opted to swim to shore before I got too tired.

All along though you can believe it I kept looking to shore wondering how the heck I was going to get back in with the crashing waves! I panicked a little on the way in, but it really wasn't too bad. I went in in between sets and could touch the bottom pretty quickly.

Yay - I feel so accomplished!! And exercise, ahhhh. I've lost some weight but need to get toned up! 50 has definitely brought some changes to my skin. :(


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