Here Alone, Soaking in Nature
Mar 27, 2020   
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

Enjoying morning coffee in my hammock. Happy.
Enjoying morning coffee in my hammock. Happy.
Time to find my own place to shelter-in-place and isolate for a while.
I moved out of Sue's (sadly) and I miss her company very much. After staying 5 of my 6 weeks in Zancudo at Sue's, it was time for a change anyway and our differing ideas of how strict to be with the quarantine forced the issue. That and the fact that my cabina there had no WiFi and was so so hot that I had to keep everything shut w/ the aircon on, making a pitch dark cave, just didn't quite suit the bill for quarantine comfort.

So I made the decision to move. That night, I started putting feelers out and got 2 really good offers of places to stay. The next morning I actually left the property for the first time in a week and walked down to look at the 2 places. It felt weird being out and I like was doing something wrong! But we all stayed 6 ft away from each other (some people more concerned than others - including me accepting a ride to my new place). I had thought of just giving my luggage a ride and I'd walk, but before I knew it, I was jumping in the back seat of the car.
My cute little cabina at Los Cocos.
My cute little cabina at Los Cocos.
Anyway, so I'm in my little cabin at Los Cocos with a large patio complete with hammock and daybed. It's comfortable, on a nice big property, she gave me a great off-season rate, and other than the owners, there is just one other couple in the cabina next to me (that is not even that close). We have waved a couple of times but i have not talked to them or met them. The woman who runs it comes by to check on my about once a week or so. She sits on the steps of my porch and we chat for a bit.

I had the option (and probably still do) of staying at Casa Willis where I stayed last fall. I love that little house. I'd have the whole house, privacy, and I'd be closer to Sue if I decided to visit (which I shouldn't! LOL). But I decided this would be better for me because I'm closer to the mini-mart and there are people around. I figured that even though I'm not socializing, just the fact of having people in the vicinity would help keep me sane.
LOVE this patio looking out over the gulf.
LOVE this patio looking out over the gulf.
So here I sit marveling at what an incredibly beautiful morning it is. I almost don't want to be writing, but just sitting, watching, enjoying. But every time I think I'll be able to write and capture a moment later, it doesn't happen.

It's not so hot yet today and it's so quiet other than the waves and the birds and, ooops, there goes a motorbike down the road behind me. What a nice opportunity to just soak it all in.

There is a constant din of unidentifiable noises in the trees. OMG last night there was something pretty loud that was dropping stuff on the roof of my cabin. But it's just sort of become the norm and I didn't even go outside to check it out. Actually, that's sort of a lie. Earlier in the night I heard something of substantial size rustling in the trees in front of my cabin so I went out with a flashlight to try to find whatever it was. Kinkajou? Sloth? Nope, no luck.

Freshly fallen coconut right in the middle of my path I had just walked.
Freshly fallen coconut right in the middle of my path I had just walked.

Throughout the day, there's the random thud of coconuts dropping from the trees. It really is treacherous walking under the coconut trees this time of year! You also have to watch for the dead palm fronds falling. There ARE statistics for death by coconut. See Tips for Surviving the Tropics.

Other normalities (is that a word? feels right) have become huge toads in the path at night (and even in the pool foot bath) and colorful blue and red crabs scuttling around at night. I was not, however, familiar with the chirping/squeaking sound in my room the other night. It kept waking me up. It was not a gecko sound, I'm familiar with that, and it kept going! Finally turned my flashlight on. Really? Two tiny geckos humping on my wall, just squeaking away! Ha ha ha. I kindly asked them to move it along and maybe keep it quiet. They complied, back to sleep.

Wow, this morning the birds are particularly active and they are making leaves rain down from the trees. Apparently it's snowing in Denver right now. This is my tropical version of snow. :)


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