Guilt and Glee
Nov 9, 2019   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

Well I'm in full on hermit mode at the moment. I swear it's a good thing I have food or I might starve to death lest I have to leave the property. What the hell kind of traveler am I?!

This is what I'm most curious about when I start traveling full-time. I am SO hoping I'll somehow be able to embrace this "solo" thing and learn to get out there more. I've been this way all my life so I don't see why anything will change now, but I kind of need it to.

Like I said before, I'm trying to be very forgiving of myself, but I still feel this guilt of being lame. I'm lame. Well, I guess it's not the worst thing to be in this amazing place in Costa Rica and viewing wildlife right on the property every day! It's not like I'm staying in because I'm unhappy. It's quite the opposite. I'm quite content in my comfortable little nest. In fact I knew this would be an issue when I was looking for places to book so I made sure to pick places that would be nice even if I holed up for a while. I picked well. :)

In fact so well, that ... I saw a sloth this morning!! OMG I'm so happy. Right in the neighbor's yard, so high up in a tree but I saw him and he was adorable. For some reason he has brought so much extra joy into my life right now. I'm just in love with the furry animal.

I seem to have developed some sort of sore infection in my gum. :( Maybe I got a piece of popcorn stuck in there? But I haven't had my Skinny Pop since when I first got here. I guess I'll have to see if there's a dentist in Santa Elena. It'll probably be the "let's just yank it out ... without Novocaine" type of place.


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