Got Some Expat Connections
Nov 5, 2019   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

Well I moved the table away from the window and there was no raccoon last night! Fingers crossed that does it. I cleaned up all the oil (somehow the raccoon got oily wet stuff all over) and sand and gecko poop and it feels good. Aside from the critter dirt, there's a certain beach slime that accumulates. I have the same thing at home.

I just found out there are sloths and toucans around here! I just need to go walk around the jungle on the other side of the road. Not like I would know how to spot a slot if there was one within 10 feet of me.

Susan stopped by yesterday for about half an hour. It was nice to have someone to hang out with for a few. She's so helpful and nice. I feel like I barrage her with questions whenever I see her. She not only called Noah (a guy who has nice property to walk around - for a fee LOL), but she called Ellie the local baker and somehow I seem to have ordered half a dozen cinnamon rolls. She called and ordered just as if ordering from a friend. Well, she probably is a friend. But that's how it is around here.

I had first titled this blog entry "Got Some Local Connections" but that didn't feel right since it's all white people, not Ticos. I suppose they are locals because they live here but still. Quite honestly, I was surprised when Susan turned out to be a white woman. She's had property here since 1977 and is about as local as local can be at this point but I just picture encountering so many expats instead true locals! Noah, too, turned out to be a guy from California.
Noah has the Arena Alta Wildlife Village. It's the first property coming into Zancudo from the South so it's right before the road bends. About 10 min by bike from my place. It's hard to miss with a large arched gate and purple grass along the front. He has tours for $20 each but he said he'd just walk me around himself for $10.

He has paths in the jungle proper and more developed paths around where he's trying to sell lots. Trying to sell lots in a swampy lowland? Make your own opinion there. ;) But I hear it's beautiful and even though the animals just live there wild, he knows where the sloths and such live so he can point them out.

During wet season, it's recommended to buy rubber boots from the market for $10, then just donate them to someone afterward. You can wear whatever you want but they'll get soaked. He also has people that supply more expensive tours like kayaking, boating, and horseback riding. All around the $50+ range. 506-8896-1661


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