Feeling Cranky and Displaced
Jul 10, 2020   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

A nice breeze on the beach on this gloomy morning. For the first time since I've been here, I actually got a bit of a chill!
A nice breeze on the beach on this gloomy morning. For the first time since I've been here, I actually got a bit of a chill!
Am I really bitching and moaning about someone coming to deep clean my house for free?!
I am waffling between "thinking it's funny" and "being annoyed" right now. If I weren't so darn tired I would waffle more toward funny. But at the moment it's 8:30 in the morning and I have been relegated to a lawn chair at the edge of the property for the next 3 hours.

I'm on the beach under the palapa that has not been tended to for some time and it just rained. I guess I'm lucky that it's not raining now (knock on wood), but the palm fronds in the tattered roof are all dripping on me and I can't find a spot that's dry. I'm counting it as a win that I found a spot where it's not dripping on my forehead . . . oops, scratch that.
My palapa shelter.
My palapa shelter.
I didn't go to sleep until around 11:30, then in my now-normal menopausal fashion, I was awake from 2:45 until 5:00 AM. So the 7: 20 call (on the house's land line because I slept through the text) telling me that the cleaning lady was coming at 8:00 was a bit of an unwelcome surprise. "Yes," barely realizing what I was saying, "that's fine." I forced myself awake, threw on some clothes, pinned my bed-head hair up (who am I kidding, this is also my new-normal), and managed to drink my lemon water before she arrived.

To top it all off, I am still in quarantine until my friends get their COVID-19 test results, and I just found out that my high cholesterol makes me high-risk to get the virus, have worse symptoms, and die from it - yay. So I'm not too thrilled about having visitors at all, and now I have two cleaning gals in the house, David raking the yard, and a realtor showing the house to somebody tomorrow.

So rather than, say, hang out on the deck while they cleaned, I needed to leave the house, for their safety and my own. This is really quite inconvenient. No breakfast, no morning poop, this kind of sucks. Plus maybe I'm a little sad that someone is interesting in buying "my" house. It's come to be my safe little haven and I love it. Time for some practice in non-attachment!

But hey, someone is cleaning my screens - hooray! I took two of them down and sprayed them with the hose downstairs in the rain the other day. What an insecty mess and a pain in the ass. Is there some sort of trick to doing this?
Here, the screens are all Velcro'd on so that you can rip the edge up to open and close the wooden shutters. My shutters stay open 24/7 other than when the wind blows them shut. It's actually really nice having the fresh air all day along with the sound of the waves, birds, monkeys, and crickets.

The moisture from the ocean (and daily rain) gets in the screen leaving it full of water droplets. On top of that, the insects, from gnats to cicadas, build up both on the screen and piled up at the bottom as they fall, making it an extra treat when you rip the screen up to access the shutters and dead bugs fall all over the counter.

And man, what a difference it is once they're cleaned! It's like when you finally clean a dirty windshield.
The screens get full of water and dead insects.
The screens get full of water and dead insects.
Ahhh how nice when they are newly cleaned!
Ahhh how nice when they are newly cleaned!
So I packed up a book, towel, and bug spray, got one of the lounge chairs out of the bodega and went the 75 yards or so out to the beach. I really should spend more time out here anyway.

Oh, and did I mention all the mosquitoes that are out? I am currently doused in poison and hoping for the best. I am also hoping that these fresh and rather large holes underneath me are from crabs and not something more frightening. But I do have to say that so far the array of insects that have come to check me out are quite interesting. One of those green super metallic flies just came by. I sure would like to have a photo of that one. Oh, and I just saw a Frigatebird fly by with a fish in its mouth, drop it, and catch it again in mid air. There, glass half-full.
There are holes all over the property. These were a little larger that most and freshly dug. Crabs, right?!?
There are holes all over the property. These were a little larger that most and freshly dug. Crabs, right?!?
3 hours is quite a while to sit under this dripping roof with no sleep. Oh, and no Wi-Fi out here which maybe will turn out to be a good thing for me. Hopefully I can fall asleep and not get eaten alive too badly. I'd go for a walk on the beach if I weren't such a zombie right now, and the beach closes at 9:30 so I won't be able to walk later either. But really, I am sitting in a lounger chair under a palapa on the beach in Costa Rica looking out over the water at the Osa Peninsula. Life really is good and I'm trying to see the humor in this particular situation.


The property manager came walking up the beach to check on things. Always nice to see her. Turns out the country is having an emergency meeting to try to decided what to do about this latest Coronavirus spike. They might shut down the country entirely for a couple of weeks, like really strict. That's fine by me. I have no problem locking down again for a while. I am in a happy place in this little house. :)

I got some good, but barely-comprehending-in-my-half-asleep-state reading in. Then 2 hours and 45 minutes in, I had to pee so badly so I went up to the house. Plus I figured it might push them along if I showed up and reminded them that I was displaced until they were done.

Almost 3 hours in, the screens are all laid out in the yard, doesn't look like they're going to be finished soon. In fact, they are still sweeping inside the house. :(

So this is really weird. One of the women was locked inside the bathroom. Door shut maybe to mop behind the door or if she was peeing herself, but locked? It took a short time for her to come out and she definitely had not used the toilet. Seat was up and the water wasn't running as it if had recently been flushed. I'm just too tired to be concerned about this. I'll check my belongings later.

Later Still:

About 4 hours later I got my house back. :) All nice and deep-cleaned. 2 women, 4 hours on this tiny place, what?! It takes 2 women 2 hours to clean San Diego Dreamin' which is way bigger, but whatever. Not my dime, just my inconvenience, my cranky tired mood, and a now completely wasted day due to lack of sleep. But ya' know what - it doesn't really matter, does it? I have nothin' but time right now and at least it was something different that the usual! LOL


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