Determined to Go to the Halloween Party
Nov 1, 2019   Costa Rica
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Too bad the sash didn't survive. It was the only thing that really defined my costume. Domestic Goddess! LOL
Too bad the sash didn't survive. It was the only thing that really defined my costume. Domestic Goddess! LOL
Well that was fun. We kept hearing about the Halloween party at Sol y Mar, the only restaurant open this time of year and sort of the "meeting place" for the expats, and on special occasions such as this, even the locals join in. Which again speaks to that odd separation between the locals and the expats.

The theme was Gods and Goddesses. We went to Sol y Mar one other time. I thought we were just going for a beer, but Lynn wanted to eat. After my money loss on the way here, I felt like a cheapskate but I just couldn't pay those high prices for a meal. Lynn's tuna dish was $15 USD - wow! She said it was super good though which I believe. They do have a lot of Mexican type food like quesadilla and nachos so at least there's stuff for me to eat there.

So anyway, while we were there we met Rick & Lori, the owners, who are super nice and gave us all sorts of info on how Lynn (or me for that matter) can leave her by way of Paso Canoas on the Panamanian border. Got the info on the early bus out of here, then a taxi, then another bus. I talked briefly to another woman at the bar and joked about how too bad I can't dress up and she seemed set back. "You have a sarong, don't you?" Well, yes, okay I suppose I'll have to rig something up.

Then the other morning it dawned on me ... Domestic Goddess! Ha - how unlike me to be creative!

I ended up putting on an apron, attached a few kitchen items (wine opener of course), wound a clothesline around me w/ clothes pins, wrapped my head in a dish cloth, and made a sash out of the only thing I could find, toilet paper.

Lynn is so fun and without even knowing we had a party to go to, had brought us some light up pumpkin necklaces. :)

So we got all dressed up last night and man was it raining! It did NOT let up like it normally does. Shit. We tired texting some people Lynn had met on the beach to see if they could give us a ride. I even texted Susan to see if anyone down there would come pick us up. I felt a bit of an asshole for even asking but I don't think she even read her text so that's fine.

We had no choice. We either walk in the downpour or we don't go at all. Oh and remember I don't have any shoes!! LOL Lynn let me wear her flipflops that flip mud up the back of your legs and butt, and she wore her leather sandals. We deemed neither appropriate to wear on the muddy walk there so we went barefoot. All decked out in poncho and umbrella, we were on our way in the torrential rain!

It really got to be so incredibly funny. It was dark (other than our flashlights), muddy, rocky, and the rain got harder and harder! A cop truck passed us (as it seems to make the rounds every night with lights flashing) and I stuck my thumb out. Got a little honk and that's about it.

The now familiar dog packs came barking from the bushes along side the road, we were singing (Singing In The Rain of course), and laughing our asses off in between hopping when we stepped on a rock. Then a blue clawed crab jumped out in front of us out of one of the puddles. He was frightened and just stood there threatening us with both claws raised and at the ready to attack. We talked him down and went on our way but not before Lynn laughed "great, now we have to watch out for crabs, too!" THIS is traveling, baby!

But we made the half mile, and got to the party. My TP sash did not survive the trip so nobody had any clue of my creativity and I just looked like a messy maid. :( Sigh. We had fun, drank a few beers, and danced. Social butterfly Lynn befriended many people and danced the night away. I enjoyed meeting a few (really great) folks and danced a bit but I can really feel the effect this year has had on me. In general my motivation and gumption is in the toilet. By 10pm I was SO ready to go home.
A fun night dancing and meeting some of the locals.
A fun night dancing and meeting some of the locals.


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