Deep Woods OFF is No Match for the Costa Rican Jungle
May 25, 2020   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

I hear them. I hear the toucans again! I'm bound to see them. I have grown quite accustomed to their sound, but not their sight. Today I could tell they were right across the road from me. Probably in that giant tree where the howler monkeys were the other day. I threw on some shorts and a tank top, grabbed my camera, and doused myself with OFF! I'm not making that mistake again.

I ventured out onto the dirt road and listened. Yep, not far. Okay, now I have to wander into the wet grass toward the trees. The neighbor had a boa constrictor try to get into their house the other night and two horses in town have died recently due to viper bites. Oh boy, here I go.

Almost immediately there were Capuchin monkeys in the trees in front of me. Oh look at the mamma and her baby! :) Shit, my camera is on the fritz. Now? Really? The toucans are directly overhead now but I cannot for the life of me see them through all this greenery. I swore out loud at my camera (that also acts as my binoculars) and that did it. The toucans didn't make a peep after that and I'm pretty sure I saw one fly off. Sigh.

OMG the mosquitoes!! Get off my face! Get off my ankles! There was even one on my knuckle while I was trying to take a photo of the monkeys. Brazen! I decided to just continue on to the small dirt road on the jungle/river side rather than walk home through the buggy field. It's so pretty back there anyway.

For the most part, the mozzies haven't been to bad at my house. Only one really stormy night they were bad and I had to go inside. Otherwise my deck is my favorite living space. :) I spend time in the hammock listening to the parrots, parakeets, woodpeckers, hawks, and some cute little sing-songy bird that comes and hops around my deck every day.

But alas, no toucan nor sloth this trip! And of course my neighbors right across the road posted wonderful photos of both of them over the last few days.

At Sue's there were a lot of crabs and toads and one tiny snake, oh and some Kinkajous, but not too much wildlife lately for me. Oh, but I had 2 bats on my deck in the last few days, one dead, one with a seemingly broken arm. Turns out it was my fault and I feel absolutely terrible. I left the ceiling fans on the last few nights and apparently bats can't sense them very well and can fly right into them. :( OMG I feel so awful.

And just now I found out my friend (4 doors up) had a little scorpion in bed with her last night and got stung on her finger!! Shit. Life in the jungle. It sure is different here.


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