Day ? of Quarantine in CR
Mar 29, 2020   
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

Alone in my cabina. The quarantine bubble. Pitch black all around me.
Alone in my cabina. The quarantine bubble. Pitch black all around me.
I started to panic a bit a few days ago when I realized that this was it, time to get home or stay put. And not just for a few weeks like I had originally thought. We're talking a month at the very least and possibly 2 or 3. OMG.

It all just sort of evolved. My work with Sue went over by a couple of weeks because of the dreadful internet speed at her house. After that, Dave and Summer and David were supposed to come visit, so I was to be here until April 3. Then of course they all had to cancel their trips due to COVID-19 so I just figured I'd toodle around a little and maybe go to the Osa Peninsula for a week after I finished my work with Sue. Well by the time I was wrapping up the website, things started getting pretty bad in the states and was on its way here.

It changed day by day. One day we were still going out to dinner (and being turned away by one place due to the 50% occupancy rule), and a few days later all the restaurants were closed down (by choice, not yet mandated) and I was freaking out when people were coming over to the house to work or visit. Stay away! Especially people that were coming form the border and neighboring towns!

So I'm now comfortably doing my own thing and will only leave the property to get groceries every few weeks.

There are locals milling about the town though. It's strange. I think those of us who are trying to hole up, have no idea how many people are actually breaking the "stay the fuck home" rule. Yesterday there was someone in "my" yard and turns out is was my local friend Fredy. He was out collecting coconuts to make a living. He recognized me and ran up to give me a hug. I had to stop him in his tracks to stay 6 feet away! He said something like "we don't have the virus" and I tried to say (in Spanish) "but nobody knows everyone that everyone else has been in contact with". Then a little while later his brother (who works here) came over and sat on my steps for a while and asked or a glass of water. Really? Then a guy came into the property and up to my deck wanting to know if I wanted to buy a bottle of coconut oil! They just don't understand. And it's not just local Ticos.

That said, a lot of locals and gringos alike are indeed trying to stay home, go to the store only every couple of weeks, sanitize everything that comes home from the store etc. I'm slightly worried about running out of cash, but I'll be okay as long as I can use my credit card. I just have to be careful to only use cash when it's the only option. There are certainly no ATMs nearby.

OMG I said something about the concern over cash to K the other night when she asked if I wanted to order a pizza. She was SO NICE and not only bought me a pizza, but paid the entire tip (less money changing hands for sanitary reasons) and send a beer over with the driver when he brought my pizza to me. :) Wow. Not only was it so incredibly nice of her, but I didn't realize how good having hot cooked food was!!
What an amazing treat! Pizza and beer at sunset.
What an amazing treat! Pizza and beer at sunset.
I keep it pretty simple when I'm alone. Like cereal, pasta salad, peanuts, hard-boiled eggs, PB&J, etc. I actually cooked myself and egg over beans with some cheese this morning and it felt so, um, I don't know. Normal?

Things are far from normal, but it's hard to tell from this quiet and removed corner of the world just how bad it is in other places like the US or even here in the big city. I hear news and get updates from friends at home so I hear it, but I'm barely living it. I am bummed that I was really enjoying this community, making friends, having fun, and now I'm alone. Not like being home alone is anything new for me. Shoot, I've been training for this for years! LOL


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