Baños de Agua Santa
Jul 16, 2002   Ecuador
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The small town of Baños at the base of an active volcano.
The small town of Baños at the base of an active volcano.
Went to visit a local friend in Ecuador and enjoyed this small town.
Old post from my very first travel website!

We had about 10 days here with Taylor and had a really good time. We landed in Peru since Delta does not fly to Ecuador, and took a bus (for 17 hours - not counting the 5 hours it was stopped for a protest) up North. We are in Banos de Agua Santa where Margoth lives, the cook we met in Jonathan's place on the Osa Peninsula.

The town here is cute, and has hot springs. :) We always like those. Well, except for Steve went under water at one of them (whoops) and got quite sick for days. We had to get something for him at the pharmacy. I don't remember what it was, but hand motions (as to what the illness is) seem to get you an easy supply of prescription drugs here.

We even went to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned. I turned out to have a cavity. We did not know the word for in Spanish so we did not understand what he wanted to fix but we just agreed and out came the drill! No novocaine (!!) but fortunately it was only on the surface.

We enrolled Taylor in a week of private Spanish lessons. She did really well and studied her flash cards a lot. Her teacher was so nice.

We also went into the Amazon for a couple of days on a groovy little tour. We met a shaman who only spoke the local tribe language, so our guide translated into Spanish. We went to an animal preserve that was full of monkeys. The little ones were all over our packs trying to get our food. But alas, one nice one named Nacha. Even Leslie liked her!

We have been to visit Margoth a few times. Taylor has fun playing with Carolina and her friends even though they lack a common language. Steve and I got to go on the town's practice emergency evacuation for if/when the volcano erupts. Another nice trip. Unfortunately, I have zero photos from this trip!!


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