Almonds Keep Falling on My Head
Jun 4, 2020   Costa Rica
BLOG: Un-related thoughts and activites of the day . . . .

I slept in until 6:15 today, unlike my usual 5:15 when I wake up with the sun and the not-always-pleasant squawking birds. It's actually funny how obnoxious the parrots and parakeets can be sometimes; tropical-world problems.

I've been extra tired now that I've started working out. Thank god today, day 7, is a rest day. Yesterday pushed me pretty hard. I biked to my workout buddy's place, did an hour of workout videos (almost killed me which I suppose is good), then another friend came over and we swam in the gulf. In between sets, we float and soak in the moment. Ahhh, wow, I'm in Costa Rica swimming, surrounded by beautiful green hills shrouded in clouds and possible turtles, dolphins, sharks, and crocs swimming around me! ha ha. Actually, although the later do technically exist, it's not something that's really a concern. Mostly just the "ahhh" moment. :) We swam only 200 meters since we were all either tired or hung over, but I did make it 700 meters on Monday! Barely able to move, I rode my bike home, got ready (scarfed some food and clipped my curly scraggly hair back), and rode my bike back out to another woman's house who gave me a lift to our outing for the day. More on that in the next post! :)

Now I'm sitting here on my deck in my favorite spot; in the hammock where I can reach my coffee cup in the purposefully placed, hmmm, um, coffee table (LOL). A hammock is not the most conducive place to use your laptop but I'm making do. ;) Wow what a beautiful morning. There's the usual constant din of crashing waves and chirping birds, a squirrel just ran by, everything is damp, and the sun is shining. Even the tiny bird that comes to visit me on the deck was just here singing it's pretty song. I had to laugh. It's like something out of a Disney movie (queue the happy singing bird!).

A rare blue-sky day during "green season" (Costa Rica even has a tropical way of saying "rainy season" ha ha) I was being taunted by the sound of the scarlet macaws dropping almonds on the neighbor's metal roof. They're around early. I don't have any good photos yet this year of them on a sunny blue day so I wandered over to see if they were going to pose in the open for me.

Looks like my little tree frog from yesterday is gone. Quite frankly I think he probably died. He was in one of the (many) palm fronds that fell from the trees so he might have taken the fall along with the giant leaf and didn't fare very well. He was white and weak. He even let me pick him up and move him over to the base of a tree before the leaf was drug off to the burn pile for this month's yard cleaning.

Hey, my other neighbors are still here, busy packing up the rest of their things for the season.! :) Yay. I thought they left yesterday for San Jose. Such a shame I only just started to get to know her because she's awesome and is also friends with the neighbors on the other side of my friend Sue who I've become friends with and I also really like them. What a fun group!! It's been so nice to be included in some of their parties, etc. and quite honestly it has really made me think about how I want to travel in the future. How am I ever going to leave this community at this point when I feel so welcomed and so much a part of it with people I truly enjoy!? So anyway, they gave me a few very welcomed straggler groceries they had left and I left them to their task.

What does the day have in store for me today? A friend just wrote asking about a possible walk today - sounds great. What would we do without WhatsApp (and FB Messenger)?? The beach is only technically open from 5am to 8am, but here in our little town, the Coast Guard doesn't bother people too much. Well, they do patrol though. One local woman almost got a ticket for swimming in the ocean mid-day the other week.

Decided. After our walk, I'm going to spend the day writing. A "me" day.


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