Airport WiFi Passwords for Hundreds of Airports Around the World

An interactive map exists out there with updated network login information for airports all over the world.

I don't know about you, but I have accumulated so many little slips of paper with WiFi login information in my travels. Sometimes I try to keep them, sometimes I just hope my phone hangs on to the information for next time. Internet access is valuable, it just is.

As budget travelers, paying $7 for a cup of coffee to get the access info is just not going to work. If only we could get those passwords that other's have already gotten ahead of us.

Well Anil Polat, a computer security engineer, has brilliantly created a Google map with just that! This map contains the network name and WiFi login credentials for hundreds of airports around the world.

It is constantly updated by other travelers so book those long layovers without worry! Internet access will be yours (hopefully!). I will definitely be using this and contributing as well.

Well you need internet access to get to the map, right? In order to get access to the internet? Clever Anil has also created an offline app (for both Apple and Android) that will cost you a couple of bucks.

Contribute to the map
Download the offline iOS app
Download the offline Android app


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