A Day in the Life of a Kite Widow

Oct 20, 2006     Dominican Republic     My Adventures
Watching my (now ex) husband go off kiteboarding in La Salinas, Dominican Republic
Watching my (now ex) husband go off kiteboarding in La Salinas, Dominican Republic
Just another travel adventure where kiteboarding ruined my life.

I'm so glad Steve gets another day of kiteboarding today. Our first day here the wind was great. It's not so bad sitting here at the beach except for this classroom of young kids that just showed up. Gosh, Steve is getting out there pretty far. I'm not worrying though. Darn him, why does he do this? I'll be really pissed if he goes out to sea. He's getting even further away but I'm not worrying. Not watching either. I'm just going to do my puzzles. Hmm, what number was I on? I'm not watching, not watching. Shit, I can't see him. Oh wait, there is his kite flying WAY over there. I can barely see it. Did he make it to shore on the other side?

Just staring at my puzzle while I am not worrying. Shoot, now I don't even see his kite. If I stare long enough I'm bound to see some movement. Nothing. Wait! No, it's a flock of birds. Oh well, he's probably over there relaxing and having a beer w/ some newfound local friends while I sit here waiting for him with a bunch of screaming kids.

Half an hour later the kids are gone, ahh. I think I'll lie in the sun for a bit while I'm not worrying. Reading is out - can't concentrate. Ah, just working on my tan. Argh - just smashed a noseeum that was biting me. Back up to my perch on the lifeguard tower. I wonder if he can see me from over there. I can't see anything over there - maybe a fishing boat but not sure. It's been an hour and the wind seems to be dying down.

I'm sure if something really bad happened that the fishermen would have done something. Unless they accidentally speared him w/ their harpoon gun, then they would just let him float out to sea. Or if there aren't any fishermen over there, then what? Is that a road on top of the hill? Even so, Steve doesn't have any shoes and it is probably a 20-mile trip back. I wonder what kind of rates they'll give our parents at the fancy hotel when they have to come out to help me deal with Steve's body?

So just how long am I supposed to sit here on this tower? When is it okay to be officially concerned rather than just worrying irrationally?

After about 2 hours of periodic tears running down my checks and convincing myself that nothing has happened (surely it's not possible but isn't this how it would start off if something had happened?), the dark clouds come in and thunder booms over where Steve was last seen. Time to do something. On my way to the tourist police, there is a local couple that I stop to ask their opinion. I hold myself together and the girl is very nice and speaks simple enough Spanish to me so we can converse. She suggests the police. So I wake the guy up who was actually sleeping on the desk with a pillow and tell him the situation. "Tal vez no hay un problema, pero estoy preocupada," I say. Maybe there's not a problem but I'm worried. Even so, he gets right on the cellphone asking me a few times how long it's been and giving a concerned look each time I answer. He's not helping. I try to make light of it but they said a boat is on the way and we'll go look for him.

One of the police goes out to the point on his ATV and a few minutes later the local girl yells to me "Tu marido!" What timing. Steve is coming in a little fishing boat. I meet Steve at the shore, give him a big hug, and start crying; sobbing really. With all that went though my mind, I am so happy to have my Steve back. He seems pretty happy like there was nothing to have fretted over. I am too tired and relieved to talk with Steve's rescuer Leonardo. Gladly we see him later and I'm able to talk with him and portray myself as a slightly more normal person. Leonardo recants the tale to a few guys at the bar and we all have a great night.

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Me with Steve's kiteboarding rescue crew Leonardo and his son
Me with Steve's kiteboarding rescue crew Leonardo and his son


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