Costa Rica Photo Gallery

These photos are selected (mostly) from within the posts on this site. It's an easier quick-access to the best photos. :)

If it looks like there's a lot going on here, it's because there is. This is not a push-a-button-and-walk-away kind of machine. Actually this shows a now-typical Costa Rican machine, and old traditional type (sink), and a new automatic WITH a dryer!!
Article: How to Use a Costa Rican Washing Machine
A bit cliche, but this butterfly is me. I'm alone at the moment but I'm emerging into something new. Well okay he has already emerged and probably only has a couple of weeks to live, but I'm using a bit of poetic license here.
Blog Entry: Alone Again
We cooked so much pasta at the ranger station and had to find whatever we could to store it in to take back on our hike. LOL It was stuffed in a water bottle and the pasta bag.
Blog Entry: Judy & Steve Visit Costa Rica