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Going for a safari alone is worth it. And it doesn't have to be too expensive either! The culture is well intact in most areas, the history is rich, and the people are generally helpful and friendly. I can't say much for the food, especially being vegetarian.

Average Costs

The daily total includes all lodging, food, booze, transportation, sightseeing, visas, etc. I don't include the money I spend on gifts for friends and I do not include the flight price.

Being Vegetarian in Tanzania

You won't find the greatest selection of vegetarian food in Tanzania. Especially if you are living on a budget and eating at the local stalls.

Vegetarian Dishes

Chips mayai (french fry omelet)

Swahili Vegetarian Phrases

Language Meaning Phrase / Pronunciation


I eat vegetables mimi nakula mbogamboga
mee-mee na-KOO-la m'BO-ga m'BO-ga

I will not eat meat, chicken, fish mimi siili nyama, kuku, samaki
mee-mee SEE-lee NYA-ma, koo-koo, sa-MA-ki

Useful Local Phrases for Tanzania

Language Meaning Phrase / Pronunciation


a long life / Cheers! maisha marefu
my-sha mah-re-foo

Cheers! furaha


As you might guess, even though Zanzibar is known for its coffee that is grown there, you will be hard pressed to find local coffee served anywhere. I asked everywhere I went for real local coffee and got confused stares most of the time. Sometimes even if they said it was from Zanzibar, it was still instant. Nescafe it is!

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Articles & Adventures

Helpful information and fun adventures!

Blog Entries

More of a personal nature, my un-related diary-like (hmmm or blog-like?) daily thoughts and activities; the things that don't warrant their own article/adventure post.