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Yep, I've been here! Information coming soon!

Being Vegetarian in Italy

Italian Vegetarian Phrases

Language Meaning Phrase / Pronunciation


I am vegetarian sono vegetarian(a fem.)(o male)
SO-no ve-je-TAH-ree-AH-na

I don't eat meat, chicken, fish, nor pig
(no pig - a lot of food is made with pig fat like brioche)
non mangio né carne, né pollo, né pesce, e né maiale 

Useful Local Phrases for Italy

Language Meaning Phrase / Pronunciation


Cheers! saluti

Cheers! cin cin
cheen cheen


As you might expect, Italy has incredible coffee. They are experts at it. The default is an espresso brewed in the metal percolator.

What to Wear

I was surprised that Italy was a bit more conservative than I expected. Not as much as SE Asia, but definitely more so than Southern California! Shorts are not allowed in the churches and you should also bring a scarf to cover your arms. Above the knee skirts/dresses are fine as are sleeveless tanks. Spaghetti tanks might be a bit out of place. Also of course being a European country, style is more modern than developing countries. I was happy to have "real" clothes instead of my usual backpacker wear.